Sunday, July 24, 2005

Keith Vaz new round up

Firstly Vaz's contributions to the recent London events: 'Communities must prevent attacks' from ePolitix covers Vaz's PMQ comments...

Leicester MP Keith Vaz reported to the prime minister "over 100 reported race hate attacks on members of the British Asian community".

He expressed concern that the attacks could "imperil the diverse and multicultural society that is Britain today and the envy of the world".

Also a story from the Leicester Mercury about a Leicester meeting for the two minutes silence attended by Keith Vaz, showing that expressing concern is not enough, A nation pays its respects.

The political diarists and sketch writers enjoy a bit of Vaz, recently we have The Sunday Herald believing it detects a bit of Vaz hypocrisy with quite upsetting implications and Simon Hoggart in the Guardian who has promoted our Keith from the Vaz of Vaz to the Great Vaz of Vaz. The Leicester Mercury has dubbed him Keith "Vinnie Jones" Vaz in a fun report on a charity football match.

And the elected mayor soap opera drags on: Support for idea of elected mayor covers a report by De Montfort University which claims they (elected mayors, not they themselves) don't necessarily work as well as they might. The support the headline refers to is in short supply but there is an indication of the progress of the Great Vaz's campaign: he needs 10,200 signatures and since the end of January has collected 'over 1000'. Good work Keith. I look forward to a referendum in January 2009.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Action Network

The BBC iCan site has been revamped and turned in to Action Network, with a better interface and a more commanding name. I would really recommend people signing up, particularly if they are running or want to run a group, a campaign, an organisation or the whatever. It's really important that everyone be able to find people, help out, get involved, communicate and collaborate. So get out there and seize the day, etc.

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