Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Googling Keith Vaz

As the blog gets underway I thought it would be fun to note Mr Keith's Google results. Links open in a new window, I wouldn't want you to get lost.

Top of the list comes profiles and information from the incredibly handy They Work For You, where you can look at voting records, recent appearances, statistics on attendance and rebelliousness and get contact details for all UK MPs as well as access hansard archives.

Next up poor Keith is still being dogged by the Hinduja scandal with a three year old BBC article and accompanying BBC profile.

Coming in at number three is the Public Whip's Voting record. This information is also accessible through They Work For You and Vaz shows up as remarkably unrebellious.

Leicester City Council's rather nice website comes next with only paltry contact details available.

A profile at Operation Black Vote rolls in next. Keith's place as the first Asian Minister in Parliament is often referred to in such profiles, though not in the next, Dod's Biography, where the emphasis is on his work as a solicitor.

Equally often referred to is Keith's reason for no longer being a minister, and a review of the case that lost him his job polls up next at the archive website for Official Documents.

The last result on the first page is another sparse reference on

On the second page of results the Labour site manage to sneak in, as well as more local info from A sympathetic article on the scandal from The Hindu highlights possible undercurrents of racism and the groundbreaking life and career of Keith's mother, Merlyn Vaz, is chronicled.

More soul-less biographies and an amusingly illustrated account of his love for Goa follow.

All very interesting. Some genuinely interesting, some interesting because of their lack of interest. Although this post didn't start with the intention of making a point I can't help but be struck by one: Keith, where are you? Where is the real Keith Vaz?

That's a lovely round-up, that is. But I think you should expect to be part of the first page results yourself in a week or so...


At least you get a well known MP (well known? well, known) to work with. I get David Lepper (bit of a leper). Anyway, he is my local and I will work hard on bringing him into the twenty-first century before it ends.
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