Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Keith Vaz Blog: An Introduction

Welcome to the Keith Vaz blog. I am not Keith Vaz or a member of his staff. This blog is unofficial and unknown.

It is here to provide news of Keith Vaz to his constituents and to give us an easy, free and accessible way to communicate with him, and with each other. As such I welcome comments and want to positively encourage them. Any other dedicated constituents can become co-authors and hopefully this blog will become a helpful part of the ever growing MP-blog cyberworld.

This vision is promoted by Tim Ireland at, where there are great articles about political blogging that inspired this and many other blogs, listed to the right of the page. The aim is to encourage MPs to take up blogs as the way forward for communicating with their constituents, rather than static websites that never get updated and terse replies to emails by staff. Blogs offer a chance for real communication which is, after all, MP's jobs. Keith Vaz doesn't even have a bad website, so this is an attempt to helpfully prod him on his way to enlightenment.

As ever comments and feedback will be gratefully received. The blog is very new and I'm still developing things. Look out for new stuff with regular Vaz and Leicester East commentary.

Thank you.

Welcome to the gang!

(Not) Alan Milburn
"Keith Vaz doesn't even have a *bad* website..."

Hehehehe - well noted and well put. It's almost as if the man wanted to keep a low profile or something...

Just to let you know that I've added you to an aggregator of UK Political Blogs I built over the weekend.
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