Monday, August 16, 2004

Keith Vaz Surgery

News on Keith's surgery...

Early evening of Friday 20th. At Netherhall Neighbourhood Centre and (I think) the Morton and Northfield Residents Association at 294 Victoria Roads East.

Sorry for not being very clear, but you'll have to phone anyway, on 0116 212 2028 (between 10 and 1pm) to make an appointment.

A few notes on the surgery experience thus far...

Ringing up Mr Vaz's office was a daunting affair, the woman who answered didn't seem to be expecting queries about the surgery.

The exact times of the surgery can't be told to constituents unless they are booking an appointment "because then anybody might turn up". I was given an approximate time when I pointed out I didn't know if I could come unless I knew when it was. We're busy people, we constituents.

I remember councillor's surgeries as being rather slapdash, informal, easygoing affairs. The local councillors have times, dates and locations proudly displayed on the City Council website, even Patricia Hewitt has times, dates and locations on her website, though you must make an appointment. But presumably that allows people to just turn up and mill around a bit.

Is Keith scared of us?

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