Thursday, August 26, 2004

Other Vaz news

From the Leicester Mercury...

A summit on the potential dangers of violent computer games is to be organised by Leicester East MP Keith Vaz.

Mr Vaz wants more research into the link between fantasy violence and real crime.He decided to act following the murder of Stefan Pakeerah.

Stefan, 14, died in a brutal attack with a hammer and knife in Stokes Wood Park, New Parks, Leicester, in February.Last month, 17-year-old Warren Leblanc, of Braunstone Frith, pleaded guilty to Stefan's murder, saying he wanted to rob the younger boy.

After the hearing, Stefan's parents said Leblanc's attack mirrored scenes in the computer game Manhunt, while police revealed that at one stage it had been considered the sole motive for the attack.

Mr Vaz said he was also proposing a private members' bill to Parliament on the issue of computer game violence.

Top marks to the Mercury for 'at one stage it had been considered the sole motive for the attack'. Yes, yes it had. Until it turned out it had nothing at all to do with the attack.

Also in the Mercury, another beautiful bit of intelligence that will make finding this attacker sooo much easier: He had a closely-shaved head, and is described as having a protruding nose.

A shame his nose protuded, had he had an inverted nose he would have been much easier to spot.

And finally, well done to all GCSE people getting results today - with a special shout out to my brother, his friends and all the Judgemeadow kids.

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