Saturday, August 07, 2004

Plugging Keith Vaz Blogging

Today the task has been trying to publicise the blog, presumably Keith Vaz being off at the Caribbean Carnival. Unfortunately I'm not in Leicester, but I hope the weather is good and everyone has a fantastic time.

A letter to the Leicester Mercury is proving an incredibly daunting task. Looking at the websites of Leicester's other MPs is proving interesting. Patricia Hewitt has a Labour-standard template with her own domain,, which, as noticed over at the Not David Lepper blog (and pointed out to me in the early draft of this blog) means it cannot be used during elections because she will be a candidate rather than the MP she is described as. Her 'news' section contains nine posts since the Budget in March. How about trying a blog, Patricia?

Parmjit Singh Gill will be excused for currently living at the Leicester Liberal Democrat pages, he hasn't been an MP for a full month yet. As the site points out he is the first ethnic minority LibDem MP, now Leicester's second Asian man, along with a woman. Leicester scores many brownie points for political correctness.

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