Thursday, August 26, 2004

Vaz says no to impeaching Blair

A small group of MPs are attempting to have Blair impeached over lying to the public and Parliament about the war with Iraq.

The website for the campaign is at which has a copy of the report for download. More news coverage from the Guardian and BBC.

From the BBC report:

Labour MP and former minister Keith Vaz told Newsnight: "This is a silly story for the end of the silly season."

Mr Vaz said the evidence in the academics report was thin and questions over the Iraq war had been raised numerous times in Parliament, as well as in a string of inquiries.

"This matter has been put before the nation day after day over the last few years," said Mr Vaz. "All these reports have exonerated the government and it's time to move on."

I contacted Mr Vaz some weeks ago in response to the Big Intervention and his verdict then was similar. I would urge any Leicester East people reading this to get in touch with Keith with your views, whatever they may be. Contact details are to the side. Anyone else, get in touch with your MP. You can use to find your MP and mail them.

Even if this only gets a debate going again and the issue raised in the Commons it will still be worthwhile.

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