Saturday, October 23, 2004

Members allowances and Keith Vaz

The release of members expenses has provoked a fair amount of media coverage, but interestingly, when searching Keith Vaz, most of it comes from Indian press.

Those that aren't include UK's costliest MP says she is worth every penny, The Guardian. Includes a nice breakdown of costs by party. And MPs hit taxpayers' pockets with £209m expenses claim, The Independent.

You can download all the information from the UK Parliament site, there are links to it on the front page. They have them up for the past three years, using Acrobat. I have to admit that when I scrolled through yesterday it was obvious that Mr Keith was pulling in quite a lot of money but I was not prepared for his being runner up, claiming the the coveted and hard fought position of 2nd most costly MP.

Evidently a big writer let's hope that Mr Vaz can up his game for next year's results. I'll be interested to see more coverage of this, especially from our very own Leicester Mercury, I'm sure they're very excited.

Is he doing 164 thousand pounds of work?

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