Thursday, November 25, 2004

Keith Vaz round up

Hello Keith Vaz fans.

Throwaway comment of the week: "the ludicrous Keith Vaz". Tiniest mention of Vaz coming up as the second most expensive MP in an article on foxhunting turns in to this beautiful description. From The Spectator.

Since the release of the expenses I haven't been able to stop thinking about how our honourable friend's postage expenses for one year would more than fund the three years at university his party is making me pay for. I might mention that when I write to him to inform him of my demonstrating in Cardiff next week to try and stop the Welsh Assembly from introducing top-up fees in Welsh universities, but then again, I might not.

In terms of real news Mr Vaz has been drawing comparisons between Britain and the Netherlands where filmmakers are murdered and children's schools burned. Apparently Britain 'Has Lessons in Race Relations for EU' he says in The Scotsman. Vaz mentions Diwali being celebrated in the Commons but only the Indian press picked up on it, a trend which is typical of many stories concerning Mr Keith.

Tim at Bloggerheads links to a lovely new initiative from the government: What makes you proud of Britain? A dangerous game for them to play surely, because then stuff like this What makes you proud of Britain? happens. The Labour site's 'comments' are headed up by a child of Leicester, Lord Richard Attenborough. This is an important issue for people to think about, particularly in Leicester. Hopefully there are lots of things that make you proud of Leicester and Britain. Those are the things we need to protect and build on so we need to think about whether Iraqi wars, ID cards, trial without jury and £3000 a year university bills are going to help.

But so as not to end on too bum a note, two things that make me proud of Leicester:

Masjid Umar mosque interior - pretty much everyday I'm in Leicester I see the mosque and I love it, so this peep in to the beautiful inside is most welcome.
Jewry Wall Museum - I used to regularly pop to Jewry Wall when I went to college nearby, the museum on its own is pure historical 70s.

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