Sunday, January 16, 2005

Keith Vaz and Patricia Hewitt: Educating Leicester

Today Keith Vaz has been delighting in opening a new classroom block at Keyham Lodge School (Nether Hall) reports the Mercury - New class block proves to be a hit. The £130,000 classrooms replace old wooden ones. I'm especially loving the last paragraph:

ISS Windows, which installed the classrooms, say that the steel infrastructure makes it almost impossible for arsonists to set it alight and for intruders to enter the premises.

Yep, that sounds about right. Any Nether Hall-ians here?

Meanwhile, some results tables came out. Optimistically entitled A better report for city schools it reveals no surprises. All the schools you expect to achieve did, and the ones you didn't expect to achieve didn't.

Of particular concern is New College in New Parks. It has only been around a few years, and now look...

Troubled New College at New Parks, was named as one of the worst performing schools in the country for both GCSE and A-level. It came bottom in the city with just 13 per cent of pupils meeting the Government benchmark for GCSEs. It was an increase of one per cent on last year's results.

There are now plans to replace the school, which has consistently recorded the lowest results in Leicester, with a city academy.

But technically that is Patricia Hewitt's concern. Patricia Hewitt's website has not had any new news since 2nd December. As I recall, a couple of things have happened since then. Her Issues page talks about what Labour has done for the families and children of Leicester West and how Labour are driving up standards in schools. Incensed? That's not good enough. Blog her!

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