Friday, February 25, 2005

Bumper Keith Vaz round up

Enjoying a read I happen across a mention of our Keith from Guido Fawkes: "New Labour politician and official sleazeball Keith Vaz". Lovely. The link goes to the official report on Vaz's dabblings with the Hinduja brothers, lest we forget.

I wasn't going to blog this because it didn't seem so relevant but now has got a bit more exciting. The competition for the Labour candidacy in Copeland, Cumbria, was running along nicely, brought to my attention because a candidate for the nomination was Mian Mayat, one of Vaz's advisors. And then the only woman shortlisted was thrown out after it was revealed that she was (previously) a call girl in Paris. Read all about it.

The I discovered the other day is still not working. A post-visit Mercury report fails to mention the launch of the website, unlike the pre-visit article. I love the bit at the end: "The day also saw a visit by a delegation of Swedish MPs looking at the school as an example of a multi-cultural city school". My old school is just down the road from City of Leicester (local hint: not St Paul's) and we used to have busloads of county kids arriving to gawp. During a more recent visit my brother's friend delighted them with some savage ape-like behaviour. I call on Ruth Kelly to end these zoo visits!

On a similar note there is also interesting stuff at Bloggerheads about MPs
blogging. It is not felt that it would be a wise move to launch a blog now, so close to a probable general election. This will not deter Keith Vaz if he puts his mind to it, having just launched a "shall we have an elected mayor?" campaign. The company holding makes quite a bit about their blogging software. The other issue is with having MP in the website address. If Vaz does launch then he will have to play by the rules. I'll be here watching, will you?

Firework Reform have hit back at the Mercury for not supporting their campaign and at some hypocrisy from Keith Vaz:
"We have lobbied our MP, Keith Vaz, who we feel is not fully supportive, although he claims to be passionate". I am fully in support of Firework Reform as the things scare me out my wits. This is especially difficult in lovely Leicester where often the entire month of November is taken up by religious festivals and renders me, like dogs and cats, unable to leave the house at night. They are bombs. In what other context would you set off bombs in your back garden? Or give your children 1000*C hot pokers to play with?

Keith Vaz is serious about phone masts though. Some time ago (long enough ago for me not to want to try and search through the archives) there was talk about phone masts on Goodwood Road, outside primary schools and in front of churches. Vaz has been plugging the issue in the Commons: Phone mast plan at church, the Mercury. The business itself, They Work For You.

Thanks for reading.

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