Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Immigration, emigration and Keith Vaz

A Labour MP in not-so-far-away Birmingham has called for an end to immigration in to Britain. This, understandably, has provoked something of an outrage, particularly in his 65% BME constituency. Keith Vaz, Asian political spokesperson supreme, has got a few soundbites in related articles.

A BBC overview, unfortunately lacking in Vaz goodness. Fellow MPs criticise Godsiff, where Vaz accuses him of going beyond "what it is acceptable to say". Anger at Labour MP's call for ban on foreign workers, which goes in to a bit more detail and our Keith says: "He is very lucky because he got elected only because of the Asian community. Maybe he should think again about whether he wants to represent them."

On a more general note some fascinating and amusing facts and figures are wittily deconstructed by David Aaronovitch, Howard's figures add up to jingoism. Quotas should be established on how many of these returning Britons we even want back in, points given to those whose emigration did not involve reality TV of any kind.

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