Monday, February 07, 2005

Should Leicester have an elected mayor?

Well, Mr Vaz seems to think so. And the Mercury seems fairly behind him. The latest article (10,000 names needed to spark a referendum) has some wonderful pieces of pure gold.

As the council consulted on the idea and rejected it Vaz need to raise five percent of the electorate in favour - over 10,000 people. At a cost of £200,000.

Vaz says: "A directly elected mayor will advance Leicester's economy, tourism and welfare.

"I call on the people of Leicester to revive interest and enthusiasm for local democracy and join my campaign to vote for a leader that can be visibly accountable to them."

There are criticisms also included in the article, but not here, cos we're all about the Vaz baby.

Best bit: Mr Vaz has set up an e-mail address to enable people to comment.

What? What? Dost mine eyes deceive me? Be still my beating heart, an email address! Where? Oh, here, at the bottom of the article! Hurray! Btinternet?

Yes folks, btinternet is how seriously Mr Vaz is taking this. At least we have an indication that Vaz and his office actually know what the internet (or at least email) is and that it can be a helpful tool for communicating with people. It also shows he is down with the kids and capable of the horrifying crime of substituting words for numbers.

But this is too good an opportunity for fun to miss. I am mentally drafting an email to this btinternet as I type. Maybe it is time for this stalker to come out of the proxy blogger closet.

An apology is due for how late I was jumping on this bandwagon. If I compile all the relevant articles will you forgive me?

5 Feb - Take the chance to have your say online - week long poll

5 Feb - 10,000 names needed to spark a referendum

4 Feb - Elected mayor vital - letter

3 Feb - 'They voted for a monkey not a politician' - letter?

3 Feb - 10 steps to the top: the lowdown on how - short summary of process and powers

2 Feb - Backing for debate over elected mayor

28 Jan - Do we want an elected mayor? It's time to ask

28 Jan - Let debate begin

28 Jan - How the leadership idea might work

If ever there was a time to use the comments feature... it is now. Are you with me?

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