Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A tale of two cities

I blogged this a few days ago but the continuing furore is worthy of further attention. A few points:

I have always known the Leicester Mercury to be a fairly right-wing Daily Mail-wannabe local rag but the representation of viewpoints in response to Mr Sacranie's intial letter have been staggeringly one-sided. In fact, out of 19 replies only one was in support of Mr Sacranie.

This may all be political correctness gone to far, or an incredibly valid debate on the use of an ancient symbol to represent a changing nation... etc etc. But it is the most excited I have seen the Postbag get about anything even approaching politics for a very long time. Even the 'elected mayor' issue is not competing.

Mr Vaz, the cause of the controversy, has not yet spoken. I don't necessarily mean an apology, but there has been no discussion, no defence. He can't congratulate himself on causing a debate as this can hardly be called a debate.

The letters:

22 Feb - Shocking sight!
22 Feb - Flags are flying
21 Feb - The people have reclaimed the flag
21 Feb - Patriotic MP
21 Feb - Know the facts
19 Feb - Misconception
18 Feb - Flying the flag
17 Feb - By George, it's a perfect symbol
17 Feb - Tolerance works both ways
16 Feb - Proud of our flag and country
15 Feb - Tarnished sigh needs replacing - supporting Mr Sacranie
15 Feb - It's team spirit
15 Feb - Why St George is as multi-cultural as they come
15 Feb - Sporting chance
15 Feb - Patriotic touch
15 Feb - 700 years of heritage and it represent us all - their mistake, not mine
15 Feb - Fans had a different right wing to worry about
15 Feb - Friendly wave
11 Feb - Should MP be flying this flag? Iqbal Sacranie's letter that started it all

Dare I ask for any comments to be posted below?

You Can try...

Brother Vaz is indeed a worthy topic for scrutiny ;) ...nuf said
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