Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Vaz news round up is still 'under construction' and Leicester Election 2005, whilst steadily growing in visitors, is down probably due to hosting company issues.

Scholarship is 'fitting reminder of Stefan' and Scholarship in Stefan's name from the Mercury. Keith Vaz features prominently in both articles saying: "The campaign over the video games goes on."

Call to government in row over night flights about the continuing opposition to increased routes over Leicestershire, KV joining the many groups, citizens, MPs, councils, etc upset about the Civil Aviation Authority's lack of consultation and appreciation of local views (both scenic and opinion-based I assume).

An EDM: Spanish referendum on the EU Constitution calling for a 'clear timetable' for Britain.

And remember AboutMyVote. We're in March now with a potential General Election getting closer you must be on the electoral register by 11 March to be able to vote on 5 May. You've probably already filled in the form, before Christmas. But people who have recently moved, students and the like, should make sure they are registered. Despite all the interesting scandals about postal votes that are coming out for many of us it remains the only method of voting. Students, we can vote in both our home and term time constituencies - make sure you have a postal vote sorted for one or the other!

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