Friday, May 20, 2005

Euro referendum

As France draws closer to its referendum, tensions are mounting both there and here. The No Campaign is off and running. Straw signals Britain may abandon vote on EU treaty (Independent) if the French get a no. Keith Vaz has called for the referendum campaign to be geared up, EU speech (Mercury). More on what happens if the French say no from the BBC. I think Vaz still regards this in many ways as being 'his turf', so we should be expecting much more from him.

According to pollsters, there is a big chance that majorities of both Dutch and French voters could reject the proposed European Union Constitution.

On Sunday 29 May, the referendum is in France.

On Wednesday 1 June, the referendum is in The Netherlands.

I'll try to do live blogging in the evenings (Central European time) of both days on the results; here.

If by any chance there is a ModBlog downtime during these evenings, the live blogging will be on my backup blog; here.
Looks good, I'll post the sites up again closer to the time.
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