Sunday, May 22, 2005

Gateway college move plans

College move in jeopardy, Leicester Mercury.

Now, I have a particular interest in all this. I was at Gateway only a few years ago and am wholeheartedly against it moving out to Rushey Meads. I believe a new campus is necessary but do not want to see the college leave the city centre. If people think the college needs to move then move it must. Development and improvement is vital. Being relocated to Rushey Meads would make Gateway inaccessible to students from the south of the city, and, indeed, county. Important considerations such as discounted bus passes only apply when college's are within or over a certain distance, there is no other alternative etc etc. It's all very complicated.

Moving Gateway outside the city centre effectively eliminates it as an option for many students. I thought everything was supposed to be about choice? In the city centre everyone has to travel equal distances to whichever college you choose. I'm sure the move would be great for Rushey Mead and the surrounding area students, but at the great loss to other students. I've always seen it as a great feature of Leicester FE provision that you could choose between colleges fairly equally in terms of logistics. Gateway, QE, Regent and Leicester College all offer different experiences and it is the experience that should be the factor in deciding on which college to go to, not travel costs and times.

Other ideas, criticisms etc, gratefully received below.

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