Friday, June 24, 2005

Keith Vaz and Tesco

Some more detailed news that deserves its own post: Keith Vaz has been rounding on supermarkets, particularly Tesco in a debate on supermarkets that featured calls for there to be a 'Shopwatch' style industry regulator.

Mr Vaz's comment in full, from They Work For You:
To use the Minister's analogy, if he has a dog, it sometimes needs to be put on a lead. Companies such as Tesco are behaving like pit bull terriers. Tesco controls the market, has done huge damage to our high streets, and is forcing suppliers to reduce their margins. That costs jobs. I know that my right hon. Friend is an extremely decent and hard-working Minister, but he cannot just sit back and allow that kind of dominance to continue in a free market.
Read the full debate here, from They Work For You.

Covered in Yesterday in Parliament from the Guardian.

More on Tesco:

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