Saturday, August 20, 2005

Vaz round up

A more general look at Vaz's recess projects...

Here he is weighing in over NHS (or not) dentists: The future's wide open as dentists seek new role in NHS and Dentists ready to drop NHS patients, both Leicester Mercury.

And now NHS hospitals: 'People are being left on trolleys' and a letter, Time to improve, again both Leicester Mercury.

Our Keith is also busy handing out IT skills qualifications, Skills up to profit, Leicester Mercury. Wait a minute, the Keith Vaz responsible for this?

And last but not least a story about the successful use of traffic calming in Evington village, Accident rate cut, thanks to speed curbs, Leicester Mercury. Maybe someone should mention that after £890,000 and 3 years it looks like fault lines are running through the mini roundabout.

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