Monday, November 21, 2005

Keith Vaz in action

'Speeches send commons to sleep' from the Leicester Mercury details some familiar MP-joshing between our own Vaz and Humfrey Malins, Tory frontbencher, concerning falling asleep in the Chamber and who might make the most snooze-worthy speeches.

And how exactly does this fit in?
Later, Mr Vaz said he had been determined to vote with the Conservatives on one of their amendments, "but having heard the Mr Malins' speech, I have decided to vote with the Government."
Because they had a bit of a barney? Or because the speech was so bad? Is this how voting decisions are made? I don't believe him for a moment anyway, Mr Vaz almost never rebels.

Also from the Mercury, a letter in support of Keith Vaz's Tesco tyranny cause.

Our Keith has set up the All Parliamentary Tiffin Club, reported in Vaz helps hunt for best eatery, LM, where they will trial restaurants and raise money for charity at the same time.

A lot of the Indian papers have picked up the story bringing Vaz a bit of international fame: "British Asian leader Keith Vaz, MP, former minister for Foreign and Commonwealth Office," (Garavi Gujarat) and "
non resident Indian leader Keith Vaz, MP, former minister for Foreign and Commonwealth Office," (

A bit of an insight in to Vaz's vote in favour of 90 days detention: Two MPs defend chief constable (LM) where he reveals he might have voted for the 28 days but changed his mind after talking to Leicestershire Chief Constable. The Telegraph also has a mention of Vaz in Terror vote in balance after day of arm-twisting:

Labour whips were "optimistic" that they would force the proposal for a 90-day limit through the Commons.

They said more Labour MPs, including Keith Vaz and David Chaytor, had indicated they would now support it because of Mr Blair's offer of a one-year "sunset clause", which would require the powers to be reviewed and renewed after 12 months.

Vaz is also involved in a campaign in the Leicester Mercury, Bring killers to justice urges family in petition, where a Leicestershire businessman and brother of Oadby and Wigston councillor was killed in the Punjab, which wants the UK government to do more to push for the Indian authorities to take more action on the case.
Mr Vaz said: "I'm very impressed by the number of people who have signed the petition. Clearly, there's a concern about the way in which the case is being handled. Thousands of people from Leicester travel to India and their safety must be protected."

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