Monday, November 21, 2005

Video game night, not to be held at Vaz's

More news on the video game front... from MCV, Industry baulks at MP call for Government legislation. It's only a short read, but a good one. Highlights:
Vaz is not convinced the tight regulations that already govern the industry are sufficient. “I want to see a statutory system, not a voluntary code drawn up by the industry itself,” Mr Vaz explained. “I’m introducing my own Bill to make sure that happens. It’s not – and never has been – something that can be done by the industry itself.”
And in return:
The Video Standards Council is similarly concerned. “Vaz doesn’t want to know about the facts,” VSC director Laurie Hall said. “ELSPA and ourselves have tried to explain this to Mr Vaz and he doesn’t want to listen. We have consulted senior lawyers and the government and they were both perfectly happy. What more needs to be done?”
There's another story, from Hastings Today, about their MP, Michael Foster, wading in on the debate as well, MP backs steps to ban kid's Bully game. The headline there seems extraordinary, clearly allowing the reader to assume that the game is for children.

Foster gives details of the content of the game which commenters over at Game Politics pick many holes in, with the possibility that Mr Foster might be allowing his imagination to run away with him or be falling foul to rumour and speculation. The post deals specifically with the MCV article but there is discussion of this article as well.
Mr Foster said: "I understand the company has suggested the game might have an 18 rating but we all know this does not stop children accessing them. I really hope we can take action against this kind of irresponsible game. As a society we should be encouraging children to be compassionate and understanding towards others, not glamourising bullying."
If a game has an 18 rating children can not buy it and they should not be playing it. Anecdotal evidence from people working in games shops suggests that parents in their droves buy 18 rated games with children barely in their teens stood beside them, despite being warned by staff. From the BBC: Parents ignore age game ratings.

Children bully other children without the aid of video games. Of course bullying is awful, that is why children will not be allowed to play the game. Does this mean adults should not be able to play whatever they choose? Vaz and Foster are wading in to a debate they don't understand and being wildly illogical.

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